Last week we toured a property an easy 10 minutes from Rochester, albeit on a gravel road. While much of our work has focused on commercial redevelopment, we do ponder the occasional residential project.

With no desire to become the typical “flipper” painting everything beige and installing cheap carpet,  we often look at homes with our own family in mind. We consider the overall possibilities of the space, the longevity and durability of materials, and yes, resale. So it was with our dog and kids that we toured this 5 acre parcel, considering the notion of reusing the concrete slab of the existing house. However, upon entering the home, we realized not much was salvageable, aside from the garage. And the BARN.

Visions of modern wonderfulness began to fill our heads… we easily turned this:

existing barn

Into this….


modern barn

modern rustic

Interiors went from rustic and raw to…well, still rustic but finished. Industrial. Modern.


The draw, in case you weren’t sold, is the price. This parcel can be had for 20% of the price of smaller lots in traditional subdivisions.


Without knowing the finer details on the well and septic yet, this still seems like an ideal opportunity…for the willing.





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