Ours! Now what?

We are the proud new owners of these gorgeous barns. Their mere existence represents a very important time in Rochester’s history, their location and layout are a lens on how our community became the destination medical center it is today.

But now what?

We have begun clearing out decades of stored items, once important enough to move and keep…now forgotten, mildewed, and mouse chewed…

The potential of this amazing space is nearly overwhelming, but the work needed to save it from deterioration is of utmost urgency. To restore it, funds are needed, to raise funds, the property must perform. We now seek a use that is sensitive to its neighbors, its structure, its history. In the hope of sharing and saving the space, and the place…we begin.

How far is too far gone?

When we visited this old space, I thought the floorcovering in this room was green carpet…but soon realized the multiple points of water intrusion had actually led to moss growing inside the building. It is large amount of space at a great price, but how much rehab will be needed to make it attractive and safe…and is it worth it?

Just outside the center…

Last week we toured a property in need of restoration. It’s best and most appropriate reuse has not revealed itself yet…although we have plenty of ideas! This too, ignited a dicussion about location and place and how those words are not interchangeable…


 When we were in Europe last month, we enjoyed many sights, sounds and smells of the cities we visited. More than once, we had the pleasure of passing this compact flower shop, set up at a typical stoplight intersection. No parking, no aisles…just flowers dripping off every surface-brilliant! It begged the question-where is the best place for a business?

Wide open spaces…

 So the overflowing dumpster gets picked up tomorrow morning, full of two bedrooms, two closets, a bathroom, a kitchen and a plaster and lathe ceiling. Note the tiny windows. These will be replaced in the next few months, taking full advantage of the openings provided.

Dumpster week!

Well, it’s not “Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel, but its exciting to us! The dumspter has arrived and we have been hard at work clearing out years of wood paneling and bad wallpaper, drywall, fluorescent lighting, old appliances, trim…you get the picture. This place is going to look a LOT different very soon!



 Above the fabulous acoustic ceiling, there was a plaster and lathe surface we had assumed to be the actual ceiling. At 11 feet, we were happy with the added height to come. BUT…upon removal, we found an additional 4 feet at the actual roof rafters. Very.Good.day.

Field trip!

 We headed out early Sunday morning to check out a potential project. There are great details on this small town creamery, turned fire station…turned city hall…turned laundromat. Not sure if this one has enough on its side to outweigh location and low population…stay tuned.