40 minutes from perfect

Yesterday we went to see a property that has long been of interest. Located next to the “Hart Store” and across from the Town Hall. This is the Hart Creamery.



View from the second floor/ attic “window”. The building sits on just over an acre on Hwy. 43 and is zoned CD/ Community Development.

Upon visiting we could see why it has been on the market for over a year. The repairs are daunting as a gaping hole in the roof has allowed a lot of moisture intrusion.




However, being mainly masonry and concrete, there is minimal damage (relative to other buildings we own/ have seen).
It’s not as close to home as we’d like but that is the precise issue most of these small town treasures face.















Original cooler door. SO CUTE.






                                                             Has peeling paint ever been so gorgeous??




Hart Store barn and property, immediately next door. Photo taken on north side of creamery.













Town Hall-across the road. Photo taken from front/ East side of creamery.

So-what is the reuse that will bring this place back to life? Pancakes and eggs on the weekend with some art and music might be nice 🙂

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